What happens …..

The first contact between us will probably be with you looking around this site or possibly we may have met in person somewhere and you have subsequently then decided to look around peopleshopesandfears.com. There are a number of articles on here for you to get some background information on Hypnotherapy, NLP and Human Social Functioning.

In the course of looking around the site you will notice opportunities to contact me, you can do this via email or via the secure PlusGuidance website through which all online appointments are arranged and take place. If you wish to go directly to PlusGuidance click here.

I do realise that you may not want to say to me, or to anyone, what or why motivated you to contact me and that is absolutely fine. You do not need to tell me of your reasons. You also need to know that conversations between us are confidential. We can still work together perfectly well without you having to share any details that you do not wish to. You will still get the same excellent results.

In our first session, once any necessary paperwork has been completed, we will discuss what it is you wish to achieve and then we will together decide how best to proceed from the most suitable options available.

I will explain anything you are unsure of as we progress at a speed and in a manner that you are completely comfortable with.

The whole process is simple, easy, rewarding and most importantly enjoyable. I feel this point is so important that it needs to be highlighted. Yes I said ‘enjoyable’. I make a point of saying this because I realise how it can feel intimidating to decide to and then go ahead with seeing someone about an issue you wish to change.

You have had experience of ‘seeing people’ and  ‘having appointments’ and rarely would you place them in the ‘enjoyable’ category of your life but I can assure you of a friendly, good natured attitude from myself in all interactions between us and a pleasant experience for you in every session that you have.

It is possible that you can achieve what you wish for in 1 session but it is more usual for a few sessions to be required. You will however almost certainly notice a significant change after the first session. If more than 1 session is required then we will assess progress at the start of every session and adjust the initial plan according to your feedback on any developments since we last were in contact. The aim is always of achieving a successful outcome for you, that you are happy with, as thoroughly and rapidly as possible which may, or may not, require adjustments being made to the plan that we initially arranged together.

I hope this brief overview of the general way that things can develop has been helpful for you. If you do require further information then please feel free to use email to contact me or communicate with with me directly through my PlusGuidance page here

Should you wish to experience a briefer, more generalised interaction than you would in a one to one session but which is a useful and efficient one none the less, to help you feel good about yourself, you can visit the “Relax & Re-energise Yourself In 15 minutes For Free” page and follow the instructions to download or listen to the audio file that is available there.